About BigBox VR

BigBox VR is a venture-backed startup founded by experienced entrepreneurs.  We are passionate about Virtual Reality, Multiplayer Games, and eSports.  The team is composed of industry veterans who have created best-selling products at companies like Sony, Disney, and Valve.  

We are looking for ambitious people who want to get in at the ground floor.  You will help shape the culture of the company and create the future of multiplayer and VR.

How To Apply

Send an email to careers@bigboxvr.com with your resume and the position you're interested. 

Growth Marketer

About The Position

We have a unique opening for a marketing/growth/community person to redefine what it means to market games.   You will help define a new approach to building an engaged game community by combining internet marketing and brand techniques.

Our new product is still in development, and your focus is to grow a community of players from pre-launch to beta to post-launch.  You will build mailing lists, A/B test pages, create blogs/videos/social posts, interact with players via live-streams, or come up with new techniques/channels to organically grow a player-base from our current fans.

From experience, marketers usually veer towards "more analytical" or "more qualitative".  But if you enjoy both thinking in data and producing creative content, this role is for you.

Please have a strong marketing foundation, and it's okay if you are less experienced.  You must be be hungry and eager to learn on the fly.  And you must *love* games and/or eSports.  (Game development experience not necessary).  

This is a full-time, on-site position.

If this post speaks to you, please send us your resume.  We'd love to hear from you.  A huge bonus if you have examples of rapidly growing a social profile, mailing list, or community.  

About You

You are a talented Full Stack Software Engineer looking to build the next generation of games for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR.  You have multiple years of experience with the Unity Editor (or other 3D game engines like Unreal) and knowledge of server-based multi-user game engineering design.

  • Strong communicator who loves the iterative technical and creative process

  • Desire to understand a product holistically and contribute creatively

  • Know when to be pragmatic and when to be blue sky

  • Make engineering tradeoffs that align with business objectives

  • Possess wily and unconventional thinking

  • Must embrace teamwork, as well as solve problems independently

  • Eager to roll up your sleeves to make contributions outside of your specialty


  • Create VR software within a highly dynamic and iterative team environment

  • Design, develop, test and maintain quality code and documentation

  • Work as a team, contributing to important design decisions and conversations

  • Develop prototypes and experiments, while researching and recommending novel ideas, new tools, and technologies

  • Test and support the game as a service

  • Collaborate with artists and engineers to implement new developments, help build features, and solve creative problems


  • Strong experience with 3D game engines. (Unity, Unreal, etc..) Must have experience completing a ship cycle for a product.

  • 3-5 years of experience in software development or recent graduates with exceptionally strong project experience.

  • Experience with network programming related to game design

  • Bachelor in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or equivalent experience

  • Demonstrated experience working in self-managed, fast-paced environments

  • Ability to rapidly learn new systems and device

  • Excellent verbal communication skills

Bonus Points:

  • Passion for eSports

  • Experience with networking tool set like Photon, Unreal & UNet

VR Software Engineer
(Full Stack)