POP1’s Largest Battle Royale Update Is Coming June 6th!

POPULATION: ONE Phoenix Royale Launches On June 6th

Seattle, May 23, 2024 — Today we are announcing POPULATION: ONE PHOENIX ROYALE, our largest Battle Royale update. Featuring automatic redeploys, more ways to customize your playstyle, and more opportunity for action, all on a brand new map, launching on June 6th.

Save the date for Phoenix Royale Preview Weekend coming May 31, which will offer all players an in-game sneak peek of all the new changes ahead of launch.

We are rewarding our dedicated community with multiple ways to earn free Phoenix Royale rewards. These can be earned during the POP1 Phoenix Royale Preview Weekend and during the initial launch window.

In this dev blog post, we’re breaking down all the new content on deck for the POP1 Phoenix Royale launch. Celebrate with us and spread the word!

Phoenix Royale Preview Weekend Starts May 31 + Free Rewards

Phoenix Royale Preview Weekend is an opportunity for ALL POP1 players to experience the new Phoenix map and game mode for a limited time before its full release.

Preview Weekend starts May 31st @ 11 am Pacific and runs until June 3rd @ 11 am Pacific, all within the POPULATION: ONE app. There are NO content restrictions during this time so create and share Phoenix Royale content!

Play 5 Phoenix matches during the Phoenix Royale Preview Weekend to earn the “Phoenix Rising” title for free! This title will NEVER again be obtainable in-game as a paid or earned reward, so make sure not to miss this moment!

Phoenix Launch June 6 + Free Rewards

To celebrate the launch of POP1 Phoenix Royale on June 6th, you can earn exclusive character skin rewards for free by playing Phoenix Royale matches!

During the launch window:

  • Play 2 Phoenix Royale matches to earn the “Delta” character skin.
  • Play 15 Phoenix Royale matches in total to earn the “Jet” character skin.

New Content and Features Launching on June 6th

Several updates are going live with the launch of Phoenix on June 6th.

  • NEW Phoenix Royale Map
    • A BRAND NEW, full sized Battle Royale map will be released for the Phoenix game mode.

  • Phoenix Royale Redeploys
    • Downed and away from your squad? No worries! Get back into the action and rejoin your team with Phoenix redeploys!

  • Phoenix Royale Supply Crates + Buy Stations
    • Phoenix Supply Crates can be found throughout the Phoenix Map. They contain weapons, health items, and more including Gem Bars, a new, in-match currency to collect.
    • Phoenix Buy Stations can also be found throughout the new map. Spend Gem Bars at these locations to buy:
      • Health items and backpacks
      • Supply drops
      • Weapon upgrades
      • Class buffs

  • Phoenix Royale Loot Vaults
    • At the beginning of a Phoenix Royale match, Loot Vaults will randomly activate around the map.
    • Destroy the Bureau Bots defending these locations and capture the objective point to open special supply crates containing high-level weapons and LOTS of Gem Bars.

  • ALL Squads Based Modes: New Shifting End-Zone Mechanic
    • Introducing the “Shifting End-Zone”: The final zone of every Squads based mode now will randomly shift location around the map, keeping the action constantly moving.

  • ALL Modes: New Sprinting Mechanic
    • Need to move extra quickly? Now you can with “sprint", available in all POP1 modes.

    We’re excited for you to join us for the launch of POPULATION: ONE Phoenix Royale!

    If you have more questions, we have an extended FAQ below.

    See you in the game!

    - BigBox VR


    Who has access to the Phoenix Royale preview weekend?

    • Anyone who has downloaded the POPULATION: ONE App can play!

    When can Phoenix Royale Preview Weekend rewards be obtained?

    • This is a limited time offer only available from May 31st @ 11 am Pacific through June 3rd @ 11 am Pacific
    • Participate in the preview weekends by playing 5 Phoenix matches (or more) on the POPULATION: ONE app.
    • Preview Weekend Rewards can only be earned during the preview weekend.

    When can Phoenix Royale launch rewards be obtained?

    • This is a limited time offer only available from June 6th @ 11 am Pacific through June 20th @ 11 am Pacific
    • Play 2 Phoenix matches in total during this time for the first character skin reward (Delta), and 15 matches in total for the second character skin reward (Jet).
    • POP1 Phoenix Launch Rewards can only be earned within the event window.

    What features/mechanics launching in POP1: Phoenix Royale will also be available in other Squads based modes?

    • Sprinting and the Moving End Zone.
    • Sprinting will be available in ALL modes including Sandbox.
    • See the change list on release day for a comprehensive list of all changes.

    What features/mechanics launching in POP1: Phoenix Royale are specific to the new map?

    • The new Gem Bar currency, buy stations, Loot Vaults, supply crates and redeploy functionality are only available in the new map.

    Can I purchase the Gem Bar currency with real money?

    • No, the Gem Bar currency cannot be purchased with real money and is only found within Phoenix Royale matches.

    Can I stream and share content during the Preview Weekend?

    • Yes, there are no content restrictions and no embargos on content made during the Preview Weekend!

    Where can I find the latest info about the launch of Phoenix Royale?

    • POP1 social channels will continue to be updated with the latest info.

If you have any questions please contact us at press@bigboxvr.com

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